Property Purchase in Cornwall

If you are moving house or considering a property purchase, the condition of the roof will be an important consideration

Your surveyor will usually comment on this in their report, but surveyors are sometimes a little pessimistic and may not cover all the details. I can look at the roof and give you a fair assessment, I realise that some sceptics may say that it is in my interest to find things wrong with a roof and so get some work. All I can say is that there is no way I would ever do that. I would always give my opinion on accessing the condition of a roof as if it were me that were buying the property. I can give a detailed quotation for any work, but you can always go elsewhere for other quotes.

If you are from outside Cornwall, you may not be aware that the county has a few ‘local peculiarities’ in terms of building construction. The pictures below are of the rear of Russetts restaurant in St Ives. This one elevation has a spiral curve, a mitred hip and a running eave! This is not unusual for roofs from this part of the world.

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