Roofing Projects – Examples of Past Roofing Work in Cornwall

Listed Buildings and Conservation Work Projects

If you are reading this you are likely to be a potential customer. Private or commercial, you will need to be sure that we can do what we say we can do. Nice photos are all very well but do we turn up every day? Are we okay to have around? Neat & tidy?? Do we keep costs within the quote?? What about the follow up service – will we come back and attend straight away if there is a problem??? Everybody who advertises talks a good game, but this page is to give you the opportunity to contact the people we have worked for.

Anybody can choose some of the best jobs they have ever done and give those as references, especially when they have got on famously with the client, so I don’t think that is a fair way to give an impression of a companies qualities. ALL of our work is good, and we WILL come back if there is a problem. As such, e-mails have been given of previous customers where possible. They have not been primed to ‘expect some enquiries and give us a good write up’, I would rather leave that to them and you. So feel free to send any of the contacts below a short email requesting a bit of info about our reliability, quality of work, after service etc. I am sure they will not mind!

A short video of a wet lay roof being carried out at Porthmeor Studios

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